I Opened up a Can of #VUPaaS and it was Good! – Podcast Review

I recently had a 7 hour day in the car thought I would catch up on the first half a dozen episodes of the new VUPaaS podcast and see what it was like. The Virtualization User Podcast as a Service was started at the end of 2013 by Gurusimran “GS” Khalsa (@gurusimran), Chris “Cisco Kid” Wahl (@ChrisWahl) & Josh “Mute  you in a Heartbeat” Atwell (@Josh_Atwell) and is focussed on users of virtualisation tech.

One of the things which immediately jumped out at me about the format of the show is that there is a lot of discussion around user requirements, which as a Solution Architect, is exactly what I do all day! In that respect it is particularly interesting as the show has (to date) included a wide range of different users from different industry verticals and different backgrounds, environments etc. It’s fascinating to me to understand the reasons behind the design decisions which have been made, and how that has panned out in implementation.

Another great element of the show is the real-world hints, tips and experiences which are brought to light by the guests when they discuss the issues they came across in implementation, or for example Chris Mohn discussed some of the tools he uses to “get the job done” as a consultant. They also had our own #LonVMUG regular Ed Grigson talking about Oracle, Cloud, DevOps and everything in between.

One other type of “user” I would be interested to hear from on a show (even just a one-off), is one of the decision-maker “users”; a CTO/CIO/IT Director. It would be interesting to understand how they make their decisions and what information sources drive them to procure something that their employees then have to implement (sometimes without necessarily engaging those people in the decision making process!).

I have enjoyed the show so much to date, it has immediately jumped into my Top 4 favourite podcasts. I would definitely recommend you check it out!

My current podcast list is as follows (in order of preference):




Speaking in Tech

Weekly – Wednesdays



~ Every 3-4 weeks



~ Monthly



~ Weekly


VMware Communities Roundtable

Weekly – Wednesday Evenings


Around the Storage Block



Packet Pushers

Multiple per week


Professional VMware Brownbag



GreyBeards on Storage

~ Monthly


Puppet Labs Podcast



One wee tip if you want to start listening to more podcasts is to have them set to auto-download onto your Android or iPhone overnight. Then by the time you get into the car in the morning they’re ready to go! On Android I use BeyondPod for managing this.

That about wraps it up for now but just to reiterate, I highly recommend you too open up a can of VUPaaS at your earliest convenience!

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