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It’s been a while since I last made a post as I have had a rather busy summer working on the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Now that they are coming to a close I finally get the opportunity to take my first bit of actual time off this year! Before that I thought I would post a wee reminder to all those currently studying for their VCP, VCAP-DCD or VCAP-DCA.

Now that VMworld 2012 has come to a close, VMware (very kindly) release all of the 2011 sessions for free on the website! As you can see from my VMware VCAP-DCD 4 Exam Prep Guide, the VMworld sessions are an invaluable training resource when studying for your advanced exams in particular.

To access the content, simply go to the VMworld website, sign up for a free account and access the 2011 content below:

The top 10 most popular sessions from this year are also available gratis:

I will soon be posting a guide for the VCAP5-DCD with reviews of many of the sessions when I begin studying for it, but first I need to get my last MCSE:Private Cloud exam out of the way… more info coming soon.

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