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Congratulations to the VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide Winners!

The VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide (with DVD) by Paul McSharry

Firstly, congratulations to the winners of the signed VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide competition!

Thanks very much to everyone who entered, and particularly to Paul @pmcsharry, who kindly provided his book and at draw time added a second copy for another lucky winner, as well as the London VMUG @LonVMUG for providing the VMware View book!

For those of you who haven’t seen the book before, I recently did a review, which is posted here: VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide – Book Review

The prize list is as follows:

Prizes will be posted this week; good luck with your exams and let us know how you all get on!

I Opened up a Can of #VUPaaS and it was Good! – Podcast Review

VUPaaS Logo

I recently had a 7 hour day in the car thought I would catch up on the first half a dozen episodes of the new VUPaaS podcast and see what it was like. The Virtualization User Podcast as a Service was started at the end of 2013 by Gurusimran “GS” Khalsa (@gurusimran), Chris “Cisco Kid” Wahl (@ChrisWahl) & Josh “Mute  you in a Heartbeat” Atwell (@Josh_Atwell) and is focussed on users of virtualisation tech.

One of the things which immediately jumped out at me about the format of the show is that there is a lot of discussion around user requirements, which as a Solution Architect, is exactly what I do all day! In that respect it is particularly interesting as the show has (to date) included a wide range of different users from different industry verticals and different backgrounds, environments etc. It’s fascinating to me to understand the reasons behind the design decisions which have been made, and how that has panned out in implementation.

Another great element of the show is the real-world hints, tips and experiences which are brought to light by the guests when they discuss the issues they came across in implementation, or for example Chris Mohn discussed some of the tools he uses to “get the job done” as a consultant. They also had our own #LonVMUG regular Ed Grigson talking about Oracle, Cloud, DevOps and everything in between.

One other type of “user” I would be interested to hear from on a show (even just a one-off), is one of the decision-maker “users”; a CTO/CIO/IT Director. It would be interesting to understand how they make their decisions and what information sources drive them to procure something that their employees then have to implement (sometimes without necessarily engaging those people in the decision making process!).

I have enjoyed the show so much to date, it has immediately jumped into my Top 4 favourite podcasts. I would definitely recommend you check it out!

My current podcast list is as follows (in order of preference):




Speaking in Tech

Weekly – Wednesdays



~ Every 3-4 weeks



~ Monthly



~ Weekly


VMware Communities Roundtable

Weekly – Wednesday Evenings


Around the Storage Block



Packet Pushers

Multiple per week


Professional VMware Brownbag



GreyBeards on Storage

~ Monthly


Puppet Labs Podcast



One wee tip if you want to start listening to more podcasts is to have them set to auto-download onto your Android or iPhone overnight. Then by the time you get into the car in the morning they’re ready to go! On Android I use BeyondPod for managing this.

That about wraps it up for now but just to reiterate, I highly recommend you too open up a can of VUPaaS at your earliest convenience!

VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide Competition

The VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide (with DVD) by Paul McSharry

Well here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… a chance to win a signed copy of Paul McSharry’s VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide!

If you haven’t already heard of it, I recently did a review of it here.

To summarise, I can whole heartedly recommend the book, not only as a key component in your VCAP5-DCD study, but as an excellent reference resource for designing vSphere infrastructures out “in the wild”.

To enter the competition, simply retweet the following:


One runner up will also receive a copy of VMware View 5: Building a Successful Virtual Desktop by Paul O’Doherty.

That’s it!

Thanks to Paul McSharry (@pmcsharry) for providing the VCAP5 book, and London VMUG (@LonVMUG) for the VMware View book!

The obligatory Competition Terms:

1. You don’t have to follow me on twitter and this will make no difference on whether you are in the draw or not, but feel free to follow me if you like! 🙂
2. Winners twitter handles will be drawn from a hat by my 3 year old daughter on Sunday 23rd February 2014 and will be notified by twitter within 48 hours
3. Winners to provide postal details for sending of the prize after the competition (I will get this out within the week if you send me your details quite quickly, but please allow up to 30 days for delivery, especially if you are not in the EU!)
4. This is only for a bit of fun, so I obviously wont use your details for anything other than sending you the book. I will not spam you, etc.
5. Although I will be paying the postage of the book out of my own pocket, I am happy to open it up world wide, so don’t worry about your location before entering (though if you’re in an Antarctic research post, I am happy to deliver the book by hand if you can fund my travel!)
6. One entry per person only please (no fake twitter accounts!)
7. No cash alternative is available, remember this is just a private competition for a bit of fun, I am not a multinational corporation with loadsa money! 🙂
8. If for some reason a winner chooses not to accept either the primary or runner up prize, a replacement name will be drawn at random via the child+hat methodology as before


Come along for my first VMUG Presentation! #LonVMUG 23rd Jan 2014

Its that time of year again, when we all look forward to the imminent arrival of our local VMUG. In my case it’s the Spring London VMUG being held next Thursday the 23rd January 2014, at 33 Queen Street, London, EC4R 1AP. Unusually (and slightly nerve wracking-ly) for me this time, I am actually going to be presenting!

For those of you who haven’t previously attended, a VMUG is a great place to:

  • Meet and swap ideas with like minded virtualisation professionals and put real faces to all thee people you already know from the Twitters!
  • See some great presentations from other community members on both technology and experiences, such as LEGO’s recent data centre migration.
  • Attend vendor presentations on new and existing technologies / products, which this month includes technical heavyweight Frank Denneman talking about PernixData’s Flash Virtualization Platform.

My session will be a 10 minute lightning talk on my experiences with my Intel NUC Nanolab. I was a little nervous about it, right up until I found out I am going to be following Frank Denneman on stage, so now I’m bricking it! I would probably describe the situation as being like watching a Rolling Stones gig, then some random school kid wanders on stage with a tired old Squier Strat and vaguely bangs out a tune, but I’ll do my best!

Of course, after the VMUG it is tradition for us all to pop along to a local watering hole to set the virtualisation and tech worlds to rights, over a few vBeers. If you can spare the time these are great things to attend.

However you look at it VMUGs are great FREE events, organised in their spare time by some very generous people. If you can get the time out of the office, and make it to the venue you won’t be disappointed!

If you see me at the London VMUG or the subsequent vBeers, don’t hesitate to come and say hi; you cant miss me, I’m 6’7″! 🙂

Register here: London VMUG

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