2016 Top Virtualisation Blogs

I’ll keep this post very brief as you can see my thoughts on the subject of soliciting votes for awards in my post from last year!

It’s that time of year again when Eric Siebert of vSphere Land and vLaunchpad runs his annual Top 100 vBlog nominations!

There are a huge number of bloggers around the world producing great documentation and insight, and Eric’s awards give people the opportunity to recognise those who really stand out from the crowd, as well as more up and coming bloggers.

So with that in mind if you’re reading this now, I would encourage you to head over to Eric’s site below and cast your votes; it only takes take a few seconds of your time to show some appreciation for the time and effort put in by those ladies and gentlemen who worked tirelessly throughout the year to help make all of our jobs that little bit easier.

Let’s be honest – it’s got to be more worthwhile than voting for Trump! 🙂

Top vBlog 2016 (sponsored by VMTurbo)

Click here to vote!

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