Migration to WordPress

After some time running my site using Joomla CMS, and testing WordPress for my photo blog, I have moved my main site over to WordPress too. Quite simply WordPress is about as simple as it gets for a CMS, very easy to install, config and update. The other big advantage is the massive theme and plugin selection which is very easy to access and install.

A quick word of thanks to christian_gnoth for his Joomla/Mambo To WordPress Migrator, which made the process of migrating my (admittedly minimal) number of post over, with zero hassle.

Now maybe I should try and actually write some content for a change!

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Spam Alert!

spamHaving only had the site up for a few days, I was VERY disappointed to see that I already had my first spam regsitration (in laymans terms, spam bots who register accounts on forums all over the net so they can post web links back to their own spammy sites, usually for porn, pills or real estate, though I did see one recently for Sheffield Electricans!).

Anyway I decided to do something about it, and having done a little research I came across a great little joomla plugin called OSOLCaptcha. It combines the standard Captcha image method (squiggly writing which bots find it hard to read) with something I had never heard of before, BotScout.

This is a very simple tool which just checks the username / email address / ip of people registering on forums etc. It monitors for patterns of bots registering loads from one address, or using the same details on many sites, and when you run a check, it will return a score. Based on that you can simply bomb the registration out.

I would recommend this is used by as many people as possible because quite simply, the more people use it, the easier it will catch the spammers and be more accurate in recognising them.

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Photography Course

canon-eos-450dx100I recently started attending the Digital Improvers photography course at East Berks College in Windsor. It’s a 10 week course which goes beyond teaching you how to use the camera, and instead how to simply produce better photos using styles and techniques you would not necessarily have tried before. To see some of the work I’ve been doing on the course, see my flickr page here:

Digital Improvers

Hope you enjoy!

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Welcome to Tekhead.org

Welcome to the latest incarnation of Tekhead.org, home of Alex Galbraith on the net. You can also get here by going to alexgalbraith.com.

This site contains a bit of info about me and links to my other presences on the web.

If I can find the time I may even put a few updates!